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亚搏娱乐app电子官网|诡道也!斯波激活残阵出奇制胜 巴特勒改打主控+包夹浓眉太关键

Beijing time on October 5th, "Soldiers, tricks." When the Heat are in a dilemma that is almost irreversible, the lack of two masters can only wait to die? That would be too underestimate for the Heat. Don't use Spoel as an improper championship coach, don't use Butler as a super leader, let alone an improper super dark horse. Butler defeated James with a crazy 40+11+13 luxury triple-double performance. Spoel is also tactically strangling his thick eyebrow brother and activating many role players in the Heat. In this way, the three services made the Heat with their lives. Win against the wind.

北京时间10月5日,“士兵,把戏”。当热火处于几乎不可逆转的困境时,缺少两个大师只能等死吗?对于热火来说那太低估了。不要将Spoel用作不适当的冠军教练,不要将Butler用作超级领袖,更不要说不当的超级黑马了。巴特勒以40 + 11 + 13的豪华三双表现击败了詹姆斯。斯波尔还从战术上扼杀了他那浓密的眉毛兄弟,并在热火中激活了许多角色扮演者。这样,这三项服务就使热火一生成为了现实。逆风而赢。

Losing two consecutive finals 0-2 behind, the two main players have two consecutive injuries, the Lakers Zhan Mei dual-core is unstoppable... It seems that the outside world is beginning to tend to the Heat will be swept away, should the Miami team surrender? No, the Heat is to challenge James to win the series with a 2-0 lead in the past 23 times. You know, 4 0-2 comebacks in the history of the NBA Finals, the Heat occupied one of them, that is, the 2006 4-2 counterattack defeated the Lone Ranger.


Coach Spoel has always been underestimated, even if he led the Heat to the finals for 4 consecutive years in 2011-14, and even led the team to win the championship twice, but it seems that the outside world still does not recognize him, after all, the credit is basically "Jan Weibo" three Occupied by giants, coupled with the operation of the fortune teller Pat Riley is widely praised, and Spoel is working hard.


Spoel is a low-key and hard-working coach. He doesn't show up or grab the show, but it doesn't mean that he is just a Rivers-style coach. After all, he is not good at pouring chicken soup, but will silently try to change and explore. Just as the Heat had three consecutive rounds of counterattack advancement, especially the second round of freezing Antetokounmpo to eliminate the Bucks, Spoel removed from the starting lineup in the playoffs from the regular season Nunn, but let Shiro and Robinson two A young man who can shoot starts and uses a multiplayer rotating forward defense to limit Antetokounmpo to achieve amazing results.


It’s just that the Heat’s successful experience can’t be reproduced to the finals. After all, James is not Antetokounmpo, far better than Antetokounmpo in terms of offensive projection range, and also has a super organization and trader to change the game. In addition, the Lakers' No. 2 core, thick eyebrows, bloomed inside and out in the first two offensive games, so Zhanmei dual-core shining easily broke the heat's ultimate defense, allowing the Heat to lose two consecutive games.


Th亚搏彩票app下载地址e Heat's defense has been severely challenged, especially in the two-to-three match is the lack of Adebayor and Dragic, which caused the Heat's inside defense and backcourt organization to fall into problems. Naturally, Spoel needs targeted adjustments. What if there is no backcourt engine? Since James can act as the master, Butler can naturally try such a role, and Butler has become the "master" of the Heat in this campaign. He not only smashed 40 points offensively to suppress James, but also sent a game-high 13 He assisted and used sharp needles to activate the team's five players to score in double figures. Three of them were 17+ extremely powerful and were able to challenge the Lakers on the offensive end.


Of course, the Heat’s win is more defensive improvement and recovery, and Spoel’s strategy is that the Zhanmei dual-core must double-team one, or according to the situation, the Zhanmei dual-core adopts different rotation double-teaming strategies at different stages, but mainly The tone is still the double-teaming limit.

当然,热火的胜利是防守和进步上更多的防守,而斯波尔的策略是占美双核必须双队,或者根据情况,占美双核在不同阶段采用不同的轮换双队策略。 ,但主要是基调仍然是双重合作的上限。

The Heat's double-teaming for the thick eyebrow brother is not blindly surrounded by many people, it is easy to make the Heat defense into a dilemma of losing each other. The Heat adopted a defensive strategy for Brother Nongmei, using wing players to go crazy and restricting Brother Nongmei from receiving the ball, which is also a visual manifestation of zero shots by Brother Nongmei in the first quarter. In addition, after the ball was received by Brother Nongmei, the defending players quickly came over to double-team, disrupting his overall rhythm. Such a targeted arrangement made Brother Nongmei score 0 in the first and last quarters, and his two quarters In total, he only missed one shot, and he was basically invisible on the court.


When the Heat restricted the Lakers from dual-core James to a single-core drive by James, even if James contributed a quasi triple-double of 25+10+8, it also forced James to make 8 crazy mistakes in the game, and the Heat scored 12- 19 missed 7 times and scored 21 points using Lakers' turnovers. As for Butler, he defeated James with a more excellent 40+ triple-double in the leadership battle, thus ensuring the victory in the core competitiveness, and scored key goals in the final quarter to win.

当热火将湖人从詹姆斯的双核心限制到詹姆斯的单核​​驱动时,即使詹姆斯贡献了25 + 10 + 8的准三双,这也迫使詹姆斯在比赛中犯了8个疯狂的错误,并且热火利用湖人的失误拿下12-19的7分,得到21分。至于巴特勒,他在领导力争夺战中以40+的三双击败詹姆斯,从而确保了核心竞争力的胜利,并在最后一个季度攻入了关键进球。

It is worth mentioning that, we still have to give a good blow to the Heat’s core Butler. With the help of such a performance, he is also crazy to max out a number of milestone records:


First, Butler became the third player in the history of the Finals to have a triple-double of at least 40+10+10 in a single game, alongside Jerry West and James.

首先,巴特勒成为了总决赛历史上的第三位球员,与杰里·韦斯特和詹姆斯一起在单场比赛中三场双打至少达到40 + 10 + 10。

Second, Butler became the player with the most assists in the finals with 40+ triple-doubles. The previous record was Jerry West with 12 assists.

其次,巴特勒在决赛中助攻最多,有40多次三双。之前的记录是杰里·韦斯特(Jerry West)12次助攻。

Third, Butler became the first player to assist with at least 40+12 in the finals in the past 51 years. The last player was Jerry West on May 6, 1969.

第三,在过去的51年中,巴特勒成为第一个在总决赛中至少贡献40 + 12的球员。最后一位选手是1969年5月6日的杰里·韦斯特(Jerry West)。

Fourth, Butler became the third player in the history of the Finals to contribute more than 70% + field goal percentage. The first two were Chamberlain (May 7, 1970) and Irving (June 14, 2016).


Fifth, Butler became the first player to surpass James in the three main data points, rebounds and assists in a single game in the Finals. After all, James only had 25+10+8 in this game.

第五,巴特勒成为第一个在三项主要数据点,篮板和助攻总决赛上超过詹姆斯的球员。毕竟,詹姆斯在这场比赛中只有25 + 10 + 8。

Sixth, Butler became the third player to score 40 points in a single game in the Finals after the NBA introduced three-pointers. The first two were O'Neal (5 times) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

第六,在NBA引进三分球之后,巴特勒成为第三次在总决赛中单场得分40分的球员。前两个是奥尼尔(5次)和贾里姆·阿卜杜勒·贾巴尔(Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)。

Seventh, Butler Seiya contributed a triple-double in the playoffs for the first time. He is also the second player in the history of the Heat to contribute a triple-double in the finals since James, and the 21st player in history to contribute a triple-double in the finals.


In the absence of the Heat's two major players, Spoel changed the team's offensive and defensive strategy, especially the strategic choice to double-team the thick eyebrow brother. Spoel also gave Olynyk, who has excellent mobility and toughness, more important tasks. He even became the fifth position of the Heat's small lineup most of the time. After all, Leonard did not meet the requirements in such an offensive and defensive series.


Olynike’s offensive end was highly efficient in 9 out of 5 and scored 17+7+1+2. He also became the main force limiting Zhanmei’s dual-core, making it difficult for the Lakers to maximize their frontcourt advantage. However, Iraq only had 2 points and 3 assists. Godala also played a similar role.

Olynike的进攻得分很高,满分5分中有9分得分为17 + 7 + 1 + 2。他还成为限制占美双核心的主要力量,这使得湖人队很难最大限度地发挥其前场优势。但是,伊拉克只有2分3助攻。哥达拉也扮演了类似的角色。

As for the two major shooters of Shiro and Robinson, they worked together to score 30+8+5+3, and after the opportunity came out, they were extremely resolute in shooting three-pointers, and Claude was also playing the role of guerrilla shooters. He made 25 three-pointers and the remaining teammates totaled 9 times. In the absence of the Heat's advantage on the inside, the outside dared to keep shooting three-pointers, even if the audience lost 12-14 to the Lakers with two three-pointers, but the number of three-pointers 34-42 was 8 less.

至于Shiro和Robinson的两个主要射手,他们共同得分30 + 8 + 5 + 3,并且在机会出现后,他们非常坚决地投篮三分球,Claude也在扮演游击队的角色射手。他砍下25分三分球,其余队友共9次。在没有热火的内线优势的情况下,即使观众以两个三分球输给湖人,外线敢于继续投三分,但34-42的三分球数是8减。

The Heat's ability to create a threat on the outside naturally also prevents the Lakers from shrinking the inside defense, thus giving Butler and other great breakthrough space, and the Heat's 52-34 insider scored a net 18 points, which is also an important factor in winning.


This is not only the Heat's complete victory at the level of mental fighting spirit, b亚搏娱乐app电子官网ut also Spoel's victory over Vogel at the level of tactical and strategic layout, which also allowed the Heat to regain a game and increase the probability of a counterattack to 15%. Although the Heat are still not favored, whether they can go against the wind and continue to write miracles will also test the fighting spirit and courage of both sides. After all, the suspense of the finals has not ended.

这不仅是热火在精神战斗精神方面的全面胜利,而且是斯波尔在战术和战略布局方面击败沃格尔的胜利,这也使热火重新获得了比赛机会,并将反攻的可能性提高到15% 。尽管热火仍然不受欢迎,但他们是否能逆风而上,继续创造奇迹,也将考验双方的战斗精神和勇气。毕竟,决赛的悬念还没有结束。

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