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   Source of manuscript: Football News




   On October 3, Changchun Yatai defeated the Xinjiang Snow Leopards 4-1 with Tan Long's hat trick and Lucas' goal. At the press conference after the game, Babayan also commented on the game as always, and there was no sign of get out of class ending. But just one day after the Changchun Yatai Football Club announced a coaching change announcement, Chen Yang replaced Babayan as the new coach of the first team.


Change of coaches before the battle, especially when there are only three rounds left before the end of the first stage of this season. Yatai’s decision does not seem to be hasty. After all, the coach and his coaching team were only at the end of August. The coaching staff who resigned collectively from Inner Mongolia Zhongyou, their preparation and understanding of the 2020 season of the Chinese League are still fresh, and they have a more convenient communication advantage than foreign teachers, which can help Changchun Yatai solve the problem of surpassing in the next month. .

战斗前更换教练,尤其是在本赛季第一阶段结束前仅剩三轮比赛时。亚泰的决定似乎并不仓促。毕竟,教练和他的教练团队只是在八月底。从内蒙古中油集体辞职的教练组,他们对中国联赛2020赛季的准备和了解仍然很新鲜,与外国老师相比,他们具有更便捷的交流优势,可以帮助长春亚泰解决超越中国的问题。下个月。 。



   Although it was a relatively easy win against the Xinjiang Snow Leopards, in Babayan's view, this victory was long-awaited and hard-won. In this game, compared with the first round, the starting lineup sent by Babayan has only two positions in rotation. Tan Tiancheng and Yang Ultras replaced the injured Zhang Zijian and Chen Boliang respectively. In other words, his favorite lineup was finally played. status. However, from the perspective of the club, this lineup alone is not enough to complete the team’s surpassing goal in the dense devil schedule, but to fully mobilize the players on the bench to form the second set. Lineup, or a different rotation, to avoid injuries. But the reality is that Aaron, Zhang Yu, Li Guangwen, Zhou Dadi and Chen Boliang were affected by injuries to varying degrees.


   In addition, facing the Xinjiang Snow Leopards who are weaker than his own, Babayan didn't have many ways to break the iron bucket formation. If his opponent hadn't given up the defensive position to fight Changchun Yatai in the second half, Tan Long would not fight h亚搏娱乐app电子官网is best counter attack and stage a hat trick. In fact, in the 7 games in which Baba coached Changchun Yatai, the team scored a total of 12 goals. The first half only scored 1 goal. The remaining 11 goals were all from the second half, and more goals were scored after 60 minutes. Up to 9 capsules. This shows that Changchun Yatai’s offensive efficiency in the first 60 minutes is not high, and the content of the game presented is not exciting enough-lack of organization in the midfield, lack of offensive methods, lack of rotation in the lineup...all these "missing" in the closed 23 days When the end of the 7 games came, it became a "notice" for Babayan to dismiss get out of class.


   The most direct cause of a head coach's dismissal is that the club has lost confidence in whether he can complete the season goal. After all, the current Changchun Yatai does have a good hand. The foreign aid is strong, the internal aid is good, and the original configuration is not weak. Such a hard lineup should not be suspenseful for the team to qualify, but the Changchun Yatai under the command of Babayan is getting worse and worse. Ideal, especially the contest with two newly promoted horses (in the fourth round, 1-0 to Kunshan FC; in the fifth round, reversing Sichuan Jiu Niu 3-1 with less play), people began to criticize his tactical arrangement and personnel The arrangement, coupled with the sixth round, tied Heilongjiang FC after falling behind. With a very high configuration, but it played a frightening effect, the team's ranking in the Changzhou Division also fell to third place. Such a passive situation allowed the club's top executives to react quickly. Even if they took the Xinjiang Snow Leopards 4-1 in the seventh round, they did not shake their determination to change coaches.




   Although the club’s announcement date was October 5th, Babayan and his team left Changzhou the previous afternoon and left China via Xi’an on the 7th. At this time, his successor Chen Yang has entered his role in Changchun Yatai. For Changchun Yatai, the best way to stop losses at this stage is to find a coach who is familiar with the Chinese League. Therefore, there is a specific scene for Chen Yang to return to the arena. At the end of August this year, Chen Yang and his coaching staff Liu Junfeng, Zhao Bin, Wang Wenhua, and Zhang Jie “suddenly” left Inner Mongolia Zhongyou, but from the end of last year to August this year, he has been It is an indisputable fact to prepare for this year's Chinese League.


In the first training session on the 5th, Chen Yang said frankly that taking over the Changchun Yatai team's handsome print with only three games left in the first stage of the league was due to the club’s sense of social responsibility, a century-long plan, and pursuit. Motivated, I am also ready to take the pulse of a team with a luxurious lineup. "Now we have to solve the problems of injuries and fatigue the team is currently facing, and we will focus more on the player’s condition, one after the other. Don’t think too far about the tactical arrangement and personnel arrangement of the country, it’s still going to be one after another."

在5日的第一次训练中,陈扬坦率地说,在联赛第一阶段仅剩三场比赛的情况下,接管长春亚泰队的帅气是由于俱乐部的社会责任感,一个长达一个世纪的计划,和追求。有动力,我也准备好迎接一支拥有豪华阵容的团队。 “现在我们必须解决球队目前面临的伤病和疲劳问题,我们将一个接一个地更多地关注球员亚搏娱乐app电子官网的状况。不要为国家的战术安排和人员安排考虑太多,它仍然会是一个接一个的。”

   Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, during the long preparation period for the 2020 Chinese League, Chen Yang, like Babayan, spent 10 months of preparation. In contrast, Babayan completed the first seven rounds as a coach, surrendering 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, accumulating 14 points and temporarily ranking second in the standings. Chen Yang left Inner Mongolia Zhongyou before the start of the new season and returned to the season as his successor. What advantages does Chen Yang have when comparing the two compartments? Now, his debut will start on the 8th, and his opponent is Nantong Zhiyun coach Xie Hui who is also the post-70s coach. For Chen Yang, who is not confused, Changchun Yatai is a well-established club. To be able to serve as the coach of this team requires a greater responsibility. "Our first task is to adjust the team’s mentality. In preparation for the game, Changchun Yatai often had a situation where he could not attack for a long time under the state of haste but not enough. Instead, he was counterattacked by his opponent and could not win the ball. This caused a lot of psychological pressure on the players." Yatai player, Chen Yang hopes to create a good communication environment through his own efforts.

受新的冠状肺炎流行的影响,在为2020年中国联赛准备的漫长时期内,陈阳像巴巴扬一样花了10个月的准备时间。相比之下,巴巴扬(Babayan)作为教练完成了前七轮比赛,他交出4胜2平1负,累积14分,暂时排名积分榜第二。陈阳在新赛季开始之前离开了内蒙古中油,并作为继任者回到了新赛季。比较两个车厢时,陈阳有什么优势?现在,他的处子秀将于8日开始,他的对手是南通智运教练谢辉,他也是70后的教练。对于不感到困惑的陈阳来说,长春亚泰俱乐部是老牌俱乐部。能够担任这支球队的教练需要承担更大的责任。 “我们的首要任务是调整球队的心态。为比赛做准备,长春亚泰经常会出现在紧急状态下不能长时间进攻但还不够的情况。相反,他遭到对手和对手的反击。无法赢得球。这给球员带来了很大的心理压力。”亚泰选手陈阳希望通过自己的努力创造一个良好的交流环境。

   Actually, Chen Yang's advantage is to be more familiar with the Chinese League and the players in the league. Judging from his coaching resume, Wuhan Zall, Liaoning Hongyun, and Inner Mongolia Zhongyou are not strong teams. Defensive counterattack should be his coaching mentality, which is also the traditional style of Changchun Yatai. When talking about his familiarity with Changchun Yatai, Chen Yang said that he is not unfamiliar. "There are many players who have brought them. In addition, they have conducted targeted research in the past confrontations. Their situation is in our database. ."

实际上,陈扬的优势是对中国联赛和联赛中的球员更加熟悉。从他的执教简历来看,武汉扎尔,辽宁宏运和内蒙古中游都不是强队。防守反击应该是他的执教心态,也是长春亚泰的传统风格。在谈到自己对长春亚泰的熟悉时,陈扬说他并不陌生。 “有很多玩家带来了他们。此外,他们在过去的对抗中进行了针对性的研究。他们的情况在我们的数据库中。”